Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This pizza should come with a warning.
Prepare only if you're ready to inhale like a beast.
Put your cozy pants on, you'll need the room.

For mine, I improvised with the toppings and just threw together what I had left in the fridge. It turned out just fine. They mention that it takes time and is messy to make. I found that it's always messy cooking with cauliflower, but didn't think it was that time consuming. I might just be used to cooking like this now... I grated the cauliflower by hand and it was easy to do. The hardest part was waiting for the steamed cauliflower to cool. But, I put on a JRE podcast and that always helps pass the time.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Web Design

This first project is from a web proposal I created last year for a local business. Their site is cluttered and confusing. I tossed out all the junk and presented them with a design that features their product in a clean and clear visual display. 

My design:

 Their current website:

The web banner:

This next project was for fun and is not associated with the site at all. I just knew I could make it look better. CafeAstrology has a TON of content, so the first thing I did was organize all of it into a handful of menu items. From there I experimented with the wire-framing. After that was settled, I plugged in the graphic elements.

My Design:

Their current site:

Lately, I've been watching a lot of female MMA fighter training videos and fight videos. They're really inspiring. I don't think I'll ever want to fight MMA but, I love training martial arts. I've been in Krav for over a year now and spend about 8-10 hours a week fighting. After another year I'd like to go to Thailand and spend a few months learning Muay Thai.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dubble Fun

Fun with Dubble

I'm addicted to the app Dubble. 
You upload a photo and they randomly blend it with another users photo.  Some of the results are really freaking cool and I love the element of surprise I'm filled with while waiting for my most recent upload to Dubble. 

This morning I went a bit too deep down the Dubble hole and it was fun.
First, I uploaded the pic below. Once it Dubbled, I saved that photo and uploaded it to be Dubbled. Dubbling a Dubble. I repeated this on and on while eating breakfast. It was cool to watch the progression. Selfie's fade out like ghosts.

I'm a BBC reality TV addict. Supersize Vs Superskinny is one of my favs. They pair undereaters with overeaters so they can see how unhealthy both of their diets are. It's the only diet show I've seen that focuses on the unhealthy side effects of both extremes. Being someone who has a disease that's greatly effected by diet, nutrition has become a huge interest of mine. Through controlling my diet for my disease, I'm finally a healthy weight. It's a battle though, not in my head but with the world. People are constantly trying to guilt me into eating unhealthy foods and thankfully, out of fear for how my body will punish me, I say no. It's not willpower, I've never had much of that, but sheer terror. So, my heart goes out to those trying to get by with willpower alone. What a nightmare.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hippie Lemonade

Since I can't have most of the beverages the rest of the world drinks, people are always asking me what I do drink. Well, one beverage I make everyday is Hippie Lemonade. It's low glycemic, with zero added sugar, really alkalizing and delicious.

What you'll need:
- 1 Lemon (peel and all)
- 4 Ice cubes
- Filtered water
- 7 Scoops of stevia

Different flavor options:
(Choose what works best for you, fruit = sugar)
- Fresh mint
- Strawberries
- Orange slices
- Blackberries

I just guess on how much water I need. I'll take whatever container I'm going to drink out of and fill it 3/4 of the way up with water, then dump that in a blender with all the other ingredients. I make a giant jar of it, equal to about 2 pint glasses full of lemonade.

This song cracks me up. I tell myself that most mainstream hip hop artists are really secret comedic geniuses, punking the world with their music.