Wednesday, December 18, 2013


User experience design (UX) has been peaking my interest lately. 
It's a high demand field that's caught my attention for it's blend of design 
and psychology. So, I signed up for 
class over at and I'm loving it. 
I'm able to learn UX from home at my own pace and in my pjs :)
I know it's just the tip of the iceberg for getting into UX, but it feels like a 
productive start. During the lectures I kept finding myself thinking about how this 
process is what I enjoyed most about making my websites. Then, seeing everything 
come together as I had imagined it was the cherry on top. The idea of creating different 
versions of each site and testing them out appeals to me and I only wish I had the time 
to go through that process as a fun personal project.

The Udemy platform is easy to use as well and I like to take full advantage of the notes 
section as I can always download my notes later for future use.  The only frustrating 
thing is I can't figure out how to edit my notes once I've hit enter and they post to my 
notebook sheet. I've tried to click within the posted field, doesn't work... never mind, they 
fixed that!

I also signed up for the Learn Complete Web Development from Scratch course. 
That one's going to take some serious time so I'm trying to pace myself and get this UX course finished first. 

Their courses can be pricey but don't get discouraged. One class I was able to sign up for free as it was within the first few days of it's release. The other I got on major discount. Udemy has some great deals if you receive their newsletter. I highly recommend checking it out before purchasing anything at full price. I know this post sounds so much like an ad, but I was not paid or asked to write this. I'm just a huge fan of learning as much as I can for the best price and these online classes are bomb :) 

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