Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fuck Nuts

©Dolphin & Condor

Monday morning I woke up to a dead laptop. Slap a tag on it's toe, that fucker's finished. I bought a desktop this time. I own CS3, but it isn't compatible with my computer's new interface, bummer. I have to try to register it and upgrade, $500 to CS5 before I can make any new designs. But, I already blew my load getting the new computer so, I may not have any new designs for a couple of months. It'll be nice to have the design break as long as I don't go crazy! I've been making shitty designs lately, I need to clear my head. A good mushroom trip should help.

 Did a practice run for halloween! 

My love affair with Forever Alone Guy continues: 

Why have I been listening to Dubstep? Why!

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