Monday, October 3, 2011

Fantastic Mrs. Faux

A good friend of mine is going as the Fantastic Mrs. Fox for Halloween and could not find the right fabric for her costume, so I just made my own little version! Then, changed up the color way for shits n' giggles. 

©Dolphin & Condor

I'm feeling all hearty for this song Kate posted on her blog

Everyone's seen this by now, but I'm posting anyway. 
It makes me wish I liked Pearl Jam.

I've worked for a non prof for the last (almost) two years. We donate to the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics every week. The SBNC provides excellent healthcare for those who don't have health insurance. They held a recognition dinner last night at the Biltmore. I'll start off by saying this: The Biltmore is off the hook! You have to be crazy rich in order to stay there. But, it looks like they hired the Golden Girls to decorate their Ballroom! So hilarious! So much peach!

We ate a four course meal and drank way too much wine. We had, by far, the funniest tables. We threw down. It was totally fun. 
Pics below.


  1. OMG i haven't seen that pearl jam singer before. nailed it!