Friday, August 5, 2011


Today's design is from a comic I started making. I'm not a comic artist, but my Grandma inspired me to try. See the letter below that I sent to Adult Swim to have a better understanding.

My grandma's a total cunt. Like, snarls at everyone, climbs on top of cars if they're parked blocking the side walk. She loves bland food and is mostly anorexic but with a front butt. Her voice is high pitched and nasally, like, I'd rather hear nails on a chalk board. And, her first name rhymes with Poon. So I started calling her (not to her face) Poon Tang Sigler and drawing her as a giant cunt. I only have a few of the drawings, but you can see them here I'd love for you guys to make a show about her, 15min episodes like Aqua Teen. Call me, I'll do the voice for you and tell you more about what a rag she is. (Phone number omitted)

Love your shows,

©Dolphin & Condor

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