Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I launched my website on Friday!
check it out! 

I've been meaning to post about 
why I am Dolphin and Condor 
and not Zebra and Eagle or Chubacobra y Burro.

The name found me when I was living in Chicago, working as a Visual Merchandiser at Forever 21. My boss told me about a certain stock guy who worked about 4 hours a month, smelled like cat piss, and read people's power animals. I was interested, I needed to know what my power animal was!
So, the next time he was working, my boss had to beg him, literally, to read my power animal (he claimed that reading power animals drains his energy). He walked toward me and told me to look him in the eyes. He proceeded to shake and quiver his body while his eyes rolled. Then he told me "You, you have two power animals." At this point everyone Oooed because, this is rare to have. "The first animal is a dolphin, because they are a free spirit that goes with the flow." Ugh, I thought, a freaking dolphin, lame! "The next animal is a condor, because they are also free spirits, but they have an edge." I thanked him and was surprised by how well the descriptions fit me, even though this guy had never seen or spoken to me before. Then he said "I'm a black wolf and my fiancee is a dolphin, ha! Wonder how that's going to work out?"
Awkward smile. 

There you have it. The birth of D&C.

And the Condolphin! 

Btw, I went to jazzercise tonight.
What a blast!

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