Thursday, June 9, 2011



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I've been slacking on PostCrossing, which is why I'm surprised to have received this postcard the other day! I cropped out a section of the wall for it's subtle static feel. 

If you've noticed my posts becoming far and few between it's because my computer is slowly dying, taking my heart and soul with it. First, it became slow with large repeats. Now, it's slow with any size design.

I'm planning on cleaning it out, hopefully with more free space it will speed up, but the underlying issue is with the logic board, a $750 problem. Queue the sad trombone. 

Want to buy me a new laptop?
Check out my wish list. I add everything to this list, but there is one laptop on there & in my dreams.

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  1. I know *someone* has a birthday in a few months... we could start a pool for a group gift. Just saying!