Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I launched my website on Friday!
check it out! 

I've been meaning to post about 
why I am Dolphin and Condor 
and not Zebra and Eagle or Chubacobra y Burro.

The name found me when I was living in Chicago, working as a Visual Merchandiser at Forever 21. My boss told me about a certain stock guy who worked about 4 hours a month, smelled like cat piss, and read people's power animals. I was interested, I needed to know what my power animal was!
So, the next time he was working, my boss had to beg him, literally, to read my power animal (he claimed that reading power animals drains his energy). He walked toward me and told me to look him in the eyes. He proceeded to shake and quiver his body while his eyes rolled. Then he told me "You, you have two power animals." At this point everyone Oooed because, this is rare to have. "The first animal is a dolphin, because they are a free spirit that goes with the flow." Ugh, I thought, a freaking dolphin, lame! "The next animal is a condor, because they are also free spirits, but they have an edge." I thanked him and was surprised by how well the descriptions fit me, even though this guy had never seen or spoken to me before. Then he said "I'm a black wolf and my fiancee is a dolphin, ha! Wonder how that's going to work out?"
Awkward smile. 

There you have it. The birth of D&C.

And the Condolphin! 

Btw, I went to jazzercise tonight.
What a blast!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


My boss' 7 (or 6?) year old daughter keeps drawing these tribal looking pictures on the white board at work and I LOVE them, they're really cool! So I snapped of photo of one to make into some fabric. Really inspiring!

Some color added...

More color

Have you checked out Design Sponge

I want a pair of these ;)

I'm house sitting where there is a juicer!
Red Cabbage and Cucumber

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The Dark Stripe
I've been craving dark stripes. This is still too light. I want stripes that are almost black but you can still distinguish the color differences. I wanted to post this though and I'm running out the door, but I'll be adding more soon. I can't rest until I have my stripes noir!

Getting closer

Ah yeah! That's what I'm talking about.

Had to go darker! But, what's up with those tan lines? They're black in illustrator...

© Dolphin & Condor

I've finally finished a chair for Etsy! 
Yay, my shop has been empty for months! Hopefully I can post it today, not sure If I'll have the time. (Fabric Link)


I planted some seeds today for lemon trees, apple trees, and orange honeydew, which are mouth watering! I made the pots from newspaper, inspired by my Friend Kate's friend's blog Bonzai Aphrodite, which is ah-mazing!

This blog is full of delicious food and ideas! I'm going to start making my own water keifer/kefir (I've seen is spelled both ways) soon too!

Have I posted this video of my doppelgänger?
Natasha Kahn from Bat For Lashes.

Went to a cute little art show today!
Very inspiring!

Fabulous beer!

Kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, lemon, and ginger.

Friday, June 17, 2011

June Gloom

Can someone please inform the weather that I'm housesitting where there is a POOL in the back yard?

© Dolphin & Condor

Guess I'll have to stay warm with a little Cooter Sweat!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I made this design for Spoonflower's Fireworks contest.
I entered the contest, but I'm just not feeling the design :(

© Dolphin & Condor

Spoonflower has a new set up.
I love it!

I'm sure I've already posted this, but it's so beautiful.

Thursday, June 9, 2011



© Dolphin & Condor
I've been slacking on PostCrossing, which is why I'm surprised to have received this postcard the other day! I cropped out a section of the wall for it's subtle static feel. 

If you've noticed my posts becoming far and few between it's because my computer is slowly dying, taking my heart and soul with it. First, it became slow with large repeats. Now, it's slow with any size design.

I'm planning on cleaning it out, hopefully with more free space it will speed up, but the underlying issue is with the logic board, a $750 problem. Queue the sad trombone. 

Want to buy me a new laptop?
Check out my wish list. I add everything to this list, but there is one laptop on there & in my dreams.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PinWheel Places 1st!

Sick of hearing about PinWheel?
Me either!

Now, PinWheel placed 
in the 
design Competition for 
Bonbonkakku based out of Finland! 

Holla holla!
A huge thank you 
to everyone that rallied and voted for my designs! 

This makes me want to dance!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

Where did May go?

© Dolphin & Condor

Sorry internet, I had to post this!