Thursday, March 3, 2011


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Turbulent waves
I had two interesting dreams last night.
They both involved me facing large harsh powerful waves.
In the first dream I was in a home that had huge waves crashing inside it. I needed to climb a set of stairs in order to get to the front of the house, where I wanted to be. But, the two story tall waves kept slamming me and shoving me back every time. This sounds like a stressful dream, but I was totally ok. I knew that if I braced myself a certain way, I would be fine. I knew the waves would keep crashing and that if I kept trying I would make it. And I did. 
The next dream I was in my mom's house which was far too close to the ocean which was being hit by a storm. The water was rising closer and closer to the house to the point where waves were slamming into the side of the house. I could see them disintegrating the outside wall. Did I freak out? No. I walked down the street and found a piece of property close to the water but, far from being in danger, then had the house safely moved.
So, not the most exciting dreams, but I love that I didn't freak out. Choppy waves apparently are a symbol of emotional turmoil. I'm thankful that amongst that chaos I was to able keep my cool. I wasn't even close to losing it. Pride.

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