Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Enter The Void

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I've been sick for the last few days. Which means I've been totally bored out of my mind! So, I watched Enter the Void, streaming on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. I generally won't watch movies that I think will be sad, but, the idea of psychedelic drug use and out of body experiences was too enticing to pass up. Spoiler Alert: My favorite part was in the very beginning of the movie. Right after Oscar's sister Linda leaves for work he sits down on the bed and smokes what you find out later is, DMT. At first I thought he was smoking heroin, but these intense visuals form from the ceiling. Whenever I think of heroin, I picture it as being a physical high, like feeling euphoric, not a visual high like a psychedelic (psychedelics have physical highs as well). But, I've never touched heroin, so who knows. I'm a picky drug user. I prefer the non-physically addictive, mind expanding substances as apposed to the physically addictive, mind trashing ones. Anyway, so, DMT, he smokes it. I thought the visuals were interesting. Colorful fractal shapes with an emerging spine surrounded by muscle, breathing. It's a foreshadowing to later in the movie, once he's been shot and killed. He travels through the world like you would in a lucid dream, well, at least, like I have while lucid dreaming. Objects, including people can be see up close & inside, every detail. The muscle, blood, skin, breath, and sex. I found this to be interesting as well, toward the end of the movie there are a ton of short sex scenes. The connection made between penis and vagina creates a glowing light. You can't help but be curious about it. And the sex scenes aren't exactly "love making" scenes, so to jump to the obvious point that it's because it's a divine act is too shallow. To me it was more like bait. Like, "Hey, here's life, come and get it!" A way to lure spirits back into the flesh. Or maybe that's just the obvious answer. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure their mouths lit up during oral sex. Could it be the light of pleasure? Whatever, I enjoyed the movie, but it isn't for the faint of heart.  

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