Thursday, January 20, 2011



This print would be great for lining a purse, jacket or the back of a piece of furniture. It also reminds me of honeycomb.
© Dolphin & Condor

This video is hypnotizing. 

Watching this Fat guy dancing video reminds me of when I was a "big" girl. I wasn't obese, but I was fat, plump, round, jolly. And, although I'm a happier person now, at a much smaller size, there are things that I miss about being fat:
(Disclaimer, these are thoughts about my own personal fat experience. I know there are others out there that had similar experiences and those who haven't, these are MINE.)

1. Doughnuts, especially those little ones coated in chocolate.

2. Being invisible. Although this was annoying to me at the time, it made getting through the day so much easier!

3. Thai Iced Tea

4. Being nice to men. This was awesome, I could be as friendly as can be and they would never hit on me. Never. Now, just making eye contact is bad news, forget about being nice :( (I keep having to learn this lesson over and over, who wants to live their life as a bitch? And, why do guys read way too much into simple kindness?)

5. Not spending money on clothes. I was too big for the clothes I liked so I wore the same two outfits everyday. My bank account loved this.

Moving on...

This Sunday, 7pm, Presidio Motel! Check it!

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