Sunday, January 23, 2011

D.I. Myself

I love these Leggings! 

Posted by the awesome and adorable Tavi from Style Rookie. So I decided to check out the Romance is Born Site to see if I could afford them. 

Two surprises:

1) They didn't have the tights on the site. Oh Well.

2) I found this pair of leggings and decided to check the price to know what range their products are in.

What do they cost, you ask? 

$401.00 ASD!!!! 
Which is $396.83 USD! 

So, that's it. I'm going to make my own pair. 
Similar to the ones I want.
So I made this design
© Dolphin & Condor

I've never made a pair of tights, shit, the only piece of clothing I've made was a coat a couple years ago. It took me about two days and actually looked pretty good. 

Wish me Luck!

I made my tights, but right now they are way too tight to wear comfortably. So, my plan is to cut them down the back of each leg and add in a strip of different fabric down the back. We'll see...

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