Sunday, November 28, 2010


Every winter I look forward to seeing Orion in the sky.
Been seeing him every night lately.
On the regular.

Makes me think of the great pyramids.
Even though there is now speculation that the pyramids line up with a different constellation better.

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Cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt
Now I can see why

Friday, November 26, 2010


The Night of a Thousand Stevies

Tonight I made it half way through Gypsy83. 
Couldn't have done it without Kate!
And two glasses of wine.
It's about a couple of small town goths heading to the big city.
Oh goths.
Love to wear those corset dresses to Ren Fairs.
Hang in grave yards with candles and wine.
Being the same different.
Being something.

Anyway, girlfriend up above wore some pimp fabrics, so I made my simple Ode to Gypsy.

Like, Whatever.

© Dolphin & Condor

"She like that freaky stuff 2 and the oh, 1 in the ah, that kinky stuff"

"Stand in Vagina Power and manifest your destiny"
An oldie but goodie!

"Wash yo nuts!"

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent the morning in bed working on a web design, then moved to my kitchen table to drink tea and make turkeys for some lucky folks on Post Crossing.

Last year at this time I was in Amalfi! 
Oh, heart pains.

Miss you Italy. Had some good times. 
Didn't want to come home.
Want to travel forever.

The new Girl Talk album is good. 
Bumpin' it yo!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I miss my art studio
I haven't worked on a painting for over a year because my art studio is 3,000 miles away. And as I've said before I can't afford to move it out here, nor could I afford the space to store it out here. Which, is also why I haven't bought new supplies and why I work on my computer so much. 
You would think that other artists would sympathize but, the only painter I've known since moving here used it as in excuse to attempt to degrade me in order to build her self esteem and make herself feel special. Because "artists are special." (I shit you not, she said that) And designers aren't. And since I've spent a year without my art studio, 1 year out of 10, I am now only a designer! Who knew that could happen so fast! 
So I am no longer special. What a joke. I wouldn't want to be in the Special People's club anyway. 
On top of all that, this "painter" said herself, that she doesn't even enjoy painting. WHAT?!?!?! And I'm not writing this to pick on her. I just feel the need to vent as this is someone who has consistently said degrading remarks to me and the only reason I can think of is that, I am also female and an artist, but I work on a project EVERYDAY and she not only doesn't, but does not even enjoy it when she does! Sounds frustrating. 
Identity crises are a bitch. But, hey, keep it to yourself, journal, get a therapist, go in to a different room if you're feeling inferior. Don't try to shit on my head, 'cause I won't stick around. I've stayed polite, to not stoop to her level but, I've wanted to rip her a new one.
And, my lifestyle of creating something everyday does not make me special. I do it because I have to. I do it because otherwise I can't sleep. I know it's a product of my anxiety and maybe a dash of OCD. I know I'm only alive for so long and I feel like I was asleep until around age 25. Well, I'm awake now and I have a ton of work to do!

So, I don't hate this painter. I just know she's not someone I should be around. And I feel better getting this off my chest and into the internetverse. And you're lucky I didn't go into her views on what is and isn't art. Painfully ignorant.

Speaking of someone who painted because she had to. I watched the Movie 


About the artist Séraphine de Senlis, who was hard working, poor, made her own energy wine, talked to trees, and painted all night long.
Her work is beautiful and I feel like she spoke to the trees because they spoke to her. When I smoked DMT earlier this year, the trees spoke to me. The movement you see in her painting's is how they move. The bright details are their souls. (Hippie alert, I sound like a cheese dick!) 
Her work is fantastic. 

I wanted to post some of my new surface designs but with my computer in the condition it is in, I am worried about pushing it too much. Or getting too deep into a print just have my laptop crap out on me and I lose all my hard work. In the mean time, I'm catching up on sewing projects and sketching. I'm also gathering materials to start chinese cupping. I've enjoyed my weekly Acupuncture classes. The whole art of healing is such a large puzzle to figure out. It's a ton of fun.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Miracle!


A couple of my coworkers managed to revive my dead laptop long enough  for me to pull my files on to a shared drive at work! I've already transfered all of my design files and photos, now I'm transferring my music. 
Yay for Zombie Laptop. 

They said my macbook is permanently damaged. So I still need to save up money for a new one. But, just knowing all my files are safe is a huge weight off my shoulders!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sadness Reins

Say it ain't so!

Yesterday tragedy struck.
My Macbook Pro is stuck on the startup screen.
I have most of my files backed up, just not the newest ones! Ugh.
I can't afford a new computer, so I'm hoping to at least restore this one. But, I have no idea how long that will take. So, I'm not sure how much I will be posting, if anything at all. 
Since I moved back to the west coast, I couldn't afford to bring my art studio with me. Even if I could somehow get it out here I still would be unable to afford the space to store my studio. Therefore, my laptop has become my main source of creativity. Without it, I am now feverishly filling my one small sketchbook.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Block It Out

Boom Shaka Blocka!
I didn't take my vitamins today. Big mistake, huge! I'm so exhausted without them. Didn't change out of my pj's until 1pm. I NEVER do that. Can't wait to make my vitamin breakfast shake tomorrow morning. I'm so old balls.

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Listening to Coast to Coast am

Hostage Negotiations



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I learned Chinese Cupping yesterday!

And had it done to me. It feels amazing! 
Only two of the cups left marks.
Here's one of them:

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Guy Who Sits In Back 
Has No Cock

Wristcutters is on Netflix instant, finally!
I've been wanting to watch it again for over a year now.

As for fabric. 
I've been meaning to create a print inspired by my Great Grandpa's bracelets, from when he was a kid.
I love these bracelets. 
And, I know, Ragan Fox says Turquoise Jewelry is only for lesbians, but in this case it doesn't count. 
My Great Grandpa was rad, I miss him.

© Dolphin & Condor

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"Whoa, brah. Something just touched me brah."

I've been watching Ghost Adventures lately.  
Have you seen it? 
Three brahs just out lookin' for some ghosts. Gettin' pumped off EVPs. Makes me think of the days I was a vegan baker, worked at night alone. Some chick kept calling my name and when I'd look around there was no one there. Thought I was losing my marbles. Then she started throwing shit and I knew something wasn't right in the sauce. 
You feel me brah?


© Dolphin & Condor

I have been gaga over this episode of Coast to Coast!
Renegade History

Monday, November 8, 2010

The other day I found this creeper of a dolphin on 
The Graphics Fairy
He has coke eyes and looks like he's pissing buckets! 
And, is his butthole a cherry? 

So, I've been exhausted from work and just messing around with these copyright free vintage illustrations because, well, they're pretty easy to manipulate. I'll get back to my over the top ridiculous abstract self here soon. I just need to get some rest one of these days.

So, here's a Camellia for your pleasure:

And some girls. 
This totally reminds of Henry Darger, the Vivian Girls.

Here's the detail: 
© Dolphin & Condor

Clifford Pickover posted this today. 
Totally fascinating!