Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post Crossing

Mail Art

I've been a fan of mail art ever since I learned about Ray Johnson

My awesome friend Jaime recently told me about Post Crossing
I joined and started sending off my post cards!
When a bunch arrived for me the other day from all over the world I decided to use them to make fabric.

Here they are, first the original postcard then the fabric:





The more I look at this the more I want a dress made out of it. 
I need to find a clothing designer!
If you design clothing email me:
dolphinandcondorfabric at gmail dot com

On a slightly different note:
I was working on my next batch of post cards to send out. I like to check the profiles of the people I'm sending cards to to see what they like, etc. This one girl is really picky about what kinds of postcards she wants to receive. She has an entire list of what is ok as well as a special section that says 
she absolutely does not want handmade cards or cards with cows or goats. 
I couldn't help myself, I had to make her a hand drawn card with a cow and a goat. So It's a contour drawing, mostly blind. 
I love how the goats back leg looks like a giant dick!
Hopefully she can take a joke!

Today I've been listening to 
Coast to Coast AM (as always, it's an addiction)
Which has a really interesting guest on who has written a book about his life; mostly revolving around the haunted house he grew up in. Very interesting.
Click for: The Show
Click for: The Book


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