Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have to Vent

Not fabric, but relevant.

By now we've all seen the new gap logo.
And we hate it.

I've been looking for articles where the concept is explained but have yet to find any.

The only good that has come from this is

They held a contest to redesign the GAP logo and, well, it rocks. 
Here are my top 3 favorites:

Design by Min Hye Lee

Design by Ernesto Alonso

Design by Chris Reynolds

This makes me think of the release of the 2012 Olymipc logo. 
Which I liked! 
I was in design school in Chicago when this logo first hit the scene. Everyone in my class hated it but me. Yeah, it's kinda weird. So what? It got everyone talking, it's hard to forget and it looks alive (it has energy). So the cheese stood alone, I defended it. Way to have some balls London 2012!

I can't write about all of this without including the tropicana debacle.

Design by Fernando Machado

Which I feel the need to vent about! 
Because I LOVED the tropicana redesign
(Old design on the left, New on the right)

Just look at it! 
Clean & fresh!
I still can't see what people hated about it. Really, I just don't get popular opinion most of the time, which is why I'm a little concerned that I agree with the hating of the new GAP logo. :( 
Am I losing "it"?

It seems like most people want to drink this:
Thomas Kinkade

And I want to drink this:

Kazimir Severinovich MALEVICH

I've had to do some soul searching, but yes, my heart still races for the Dadaist, Constructivist, Futurist, and Bauhaus movements.

There has to be an artist out there that paints Thomas Kinkade paintings with all the buildings burning down. 
Internet search:

Ok, I'm finished.

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