Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, I started a Zazzle store...

It will mostly be my fabric designs on different items. Except for deedoe, which is how Didot should really be spelled. If you know a designer, they'll get it. I came up with deedoe a couple years ago in a typography class. I told my friend about it, how I wanted to make some buttons with the idea, she jumped on it and had them made. We were going to name our company deedoe but I ended up moving to the West Coast instead, sorry Brooke! So I'm reviving my marketable idea. Why not?

About the typeface Didot: Besides being beautiful, when this typeface was first being punched, the foundry hired women to do the work; taught them latin and treated them well. This was during a time in france when women were considered a waste of space. The idea of educating a woman, laughable. For me it's always been more than just a typeface, but a symbol for equality.

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