Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beetleguise, beetleguise, beetleguise

August flew by in about a second.
September is technically the beginning of fall, even though it feels like summer just started here!
I thought I'd get with the times and start cranking out some warm and fuzzies.
We'll see how long that lasts...

I need to figure out what to be for Halloween!
I was thinking about being this girl
From the Jaan Pehechaan Ho video

She's cute and not slutty.
That's always the most difficult part of Halloween. I want to dress up and have a good time, but I'm not comfortable looking like a hooker.

I've been Ignatius Riley and Dog the Bounty Hunter in the past, but when I wear funny costumes like that, people think I'm a lesbo (not that there's anything wrong with being gay) .I'm just a girl with a sense of humor
and a brain.

And who will be my pencil mustached man of mystery?
This is when having a boyfriend would be helpful...

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