Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Every Thing's Connected
This is my first design after smoking DMT for the first time.

I've been thinking about this design a ton lately. I smoked DMT for the first time in March and had a life changing experience. I should have written about it when I created this pattern and posted it, but the experience was still too new to try to contain with words. The setting was a beautiful yard, in the grass, on one of the sunniest days I've ever seen. My friend loaded a long pipe which I dubbed "The Whitney Houston." I don't remember setting the pipe down, I just remember coughing out the thick white smoke and hearing a whirl and crackling noise spin louder and louder. Like the starting of jet engines. Then the landscape started to twitch and BAM. I was in the DMTverse. 
WARNING: hippie alert. 
The tree's souls were smiling. All of the flowers were in full bloom and they were ecstatic that I could finally see that they were conscious. They wanted me to know that everything was perfectly fine. That all that I worry about does not matter. That I am alive and that life is amazing. The colors in the DMTverse are saturated and beautiful like that of experiencing Psilocybin, but richer, brighter, and more breathtaking. At first I had a complete ego loss. However, when I looked down at my legs I remembered everything about who I was. I laughed at the thought of legs. They looked so heavy and reminded me of seeing an old piece of technology, like seeing a computer from the 80's. I knew I had smoked DMT, even when I forgot that I was, I knew I had smoked DMT. I knew what I was experiencing was intense but, knew it would not last forever. Now that I knew I had a body again I could feel the DMT tugging and pushing on it. The feeling of happiness, love and complete euphoria were so intense I thought I was going to explode. On top of that there was an alien creature quickly zig zagging all through my body. It felt almost like a device, dropped into my flesh to look for damage to repair. I could hear chatter all around, but saw no elves. The grass at my feet was growing and when it grew it sounded like the crinkle of shrink wrap. This whole experience lasted no more than 3 minutes, but felt more like 10 or 15.
I left the DMTverse with an enormous smile. I completely gave into astonishment (sorry DMT elves). My fear of death faded. As you might not know, DMT is what is released in our brains when we are dying. I felt completely ok with everything, except for the fact that I was talking like a total hippie now. Haha. It was, by far, the best experience of my life.
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